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Sources of Protein for Vegans

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Sources of Protein for Vegans, a gallery on Flickr.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting Kids to eat vegetables and other healthy food

I don’t have to be a nutrition expert or child psychologist to tell you that most kids hate vegetables and that includes my three boys. Broccolis look like monsters or monster’s food. Bell peppers, Onions and Tomatoes are “yucky”. It’s the same old store everywhere you go in every part of the world. Here are some of the things that have worked for me that I am going to share. There are no hard and fast rules on this subject. Every kid is different. Every kid needs his or her own time and space. Give these a try and have patience.
Lead by Example
Kids are fast learners. If you surround them in a positive environment, chances are they will eat and do the things you do. Kids learn especially fast from their siblings. If they have older brother or sister that eat decently healthy food, ensure they eat together at the table. The older kids may not like everything either, but this is a good start. Thankfully, my older kid likes carrots and peas. Toss some frozen carrots, peas and corn (a bag of mixed veggies) on a heated pan with some oils, mild spices and salt and serve it hot. If you personally dislike something, don’t discuss it before your kids. Even though they may be watching TV, they are listening to your conversation Smile
No Yelling, please!
If you think yelling can get your child to eat the vegetables, then good luck. I have learnt to have more patience when it comes to getting kids form a habit.

Let them choose
My kids don’t like surprises. If we tell them what they are going to get or better yet give them the power to make the choice, then chances are they will eat what you make.

Need for variety
My older son likes mixed vegetables whereas my 4-year old twins love Broccoli! Yes Broccoli! I try to make both some days – not easy. I try to go light on spice, less tomato sauce and usually sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar. For some kids, vegetables taste bitter so anything you can do to reduce the bitterness will help. I have tried using a pinch of sugar or honey.
Sneak in vegetables
Have you tried grating carrots in pasta or mashed vegetables into Lentil soup? The trick is to make it less obvious – real sneaky – but it works. My twin boys love Ravioli which contains spinach in it. You can find this in Costco.

Don’t forget raw vegetables
One of my twin boys loves baby carrots and cucumbers. I think he observed that from his mom. Sometimes when we are out of baby carrots, I just peel and cut regular carrots and serve it as a snack.
Oh, and fruits
Fruits are equally important and contains fiber and vitamins. While we get a lot of fresh Orange juice, we also stock up on fresh and dried fruits. My twins love to eat Banana but my older son loves grapes. Thankfully all of them love apples. We didn’t know this until we experimented with all the fruits. Oh, don’t forget those sweet clementine Oranges from Costco or your local grocery store.
Patience: Don’t give up
There is no magic bullet here. Hopefully, If you keep on eating vegetables and repeating to them how good the vegetables are for their health, eventually your kids will follow.

Have other ideas that have worked for you? Why don’t you share it by leaving me a message.